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Rigo Kids Ride On Car - Pink
Rigo Kids Ride On Car - Pink
Rigo Kids Ride On Car - Pink
Rigo Kids Ride On Car - Pink
Rigo Kids Ride On Car - Pink
Rigo Kids Ride On Car - Pink
Rigo Kids Ride On Car - Pink

    Rigo Kids Ride On Car - Pink

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      Kids Ride on Car Pink

      Our perfect replica Kids Ride On Car is absolutely spot on in design and finish. Not to be outdone too is the marvelous attention to details and working components that make this Ride On Car a definite riding favourite with kids aged 3 and above.
      Powered no less than an upgraded 50W twin motor, the replica can do from zero to 8km/h without breaking a sweat. Just how long it takes to get to that speed will, of course, depend very much on your child's weight. But we digress.
      The contrasting two-tone finish embodies the Ride beautifully as well as the striking headlights and reversing lights that are an illuminating combination of style and brilliance. Fact is, the Ride On Car is almost storm trooper-ish with its imposing black and white stance.
      Moving on to the inside, this is where the Ride On Car gets really wonderful. Start by opening the workable doors that can actually lock. Once your child is seated and strapped safely into the comfy sports seat, he or she is fronted by a superb dash stacked with vivid controls for start, forward/reverse control, speed, lights, horns and even MP3 connectivity for more groovy music to add on to the Ride On Car's built-in tunes.
      And once the accelerator pedal is flat on, the replica is an exhilarating parkway-hugging ride as its gripping anti-slip tyres offer good traction and the four-wheel suspension readily soaks up all the bumps along the way. The two 6V SAA-approved batteries can run on together for up to two hours on a single full-charge. But if junior does get carried away with the handling, the parental remote override control can rein in the ride to more acceptable limits. After all, safety is first with any vehicle, large or small.
      Why wait till Christmas or birthday to get one for your child? Anytime is a good time to own the Replica Ride On Car for creative fun beyond the norm. So click on for your order and watch your children have the time of their lives with it. We're sure you will too.

      * Upgraded 50W twin motor
      * Four wheels suspension
      * Striking headlights and reversing lights
      * Flashing lights with music
      * MP3 connectivity
      * Workable doors with safety lock
      * Adult remote override control
      * Sports seat with safety belt
      * Anti-slip wheels
      * SAA-approved battery charger
      * Suitable for children 3 years and above
      * Complies with EN71 Standard Safety of Toys

      * Control mode: Manual or remote
      * Motor: 50W (2 x 25W)
      * Battery: 6V4.5AH*2
      * Speed: 3-8km/h, depending on weight
      * Mode: High / Low
      * Load capacity: 30kg
      * Operating time: up to 2 hours per full charge
      * Built-in music: Yes
      * Flashing light: Yes
      * Power indicator: Included
      * Seat belt: Adjustable
      * User: 3 - 8 years old
      * Colour: Pink
      * Dimension: 93 x 54 x 45cm
      * Battery type of remote: AAA

      Package Content
      1 x Rangerover Inspired Ride On Carx1
      1 x User Manual

        This product comes with 12 months Manufacturer's Warranty, please CLICK HERE for details.
        For warranty and returns assistance please contact us.
        Statutory conditions and warranties also apply.

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