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Home Gym Power Rack Cage
Home Gym Power Rack Cage
Home Gym Power Rack Cage
Home Gym Power Rack Cage
Home Gym Power Rack Cage
Home Gym Power Rack Cage
Home Gym Power Rack Cage
Home Gym Power Rack Cage
Home Gym Power Rack Cage
Home Gym Power Rack Cage

    Home Gym Power Rack Cage

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      Power Rack
      A huge range of gym-quality exercises right at home? It's possible when you purchase the Home Power Rack today. There are over 50 reasons why the power rack is sure to be your all-in-one home workout solution.
      This unit has everything. Lat pulldowns. Low row. Dip handles. Band pegs. Hooks and safeties for barbells. Assisted pull-ups. Resisted push-ups. It's all here, adding up to over 50 distinct muscle-toning, strength-building exercises in a single compact unit that's designed to fit in the home. This is the everything-in-one king of workout equipment. Try everything else, then try the Power Rack.

      The power rack features easy assembly and is practically maintenance-free.

      Features of the Power Rack:
      Heavy-gauge steel for maximum toughness
      50+ muscle-building exercises possible, all in a single unit
      Fully adjustable band pegs for even more workout variety
      Multi-grip chin-up bar & Multi-grip push up bar
      Wide range of vertical as well as horizontal adjustments for a more effective session
      Numbered increments make adjusting hooks on the fly quick and easy
      4 barbell hooks (fully adjustable) and 2 barbell safeties included
      Integrated pulley system accepts all standard weight plates
      Assembly required; all tools and instructions included
      Dimensions of rack (WITHOUT band pegs or dip handles): 210 x 126 x 115 cm (H x W x D)
      Dimensions of rack (WITH band pegs and dip handles): 210 x 213 x 160 cm (H x W x D)
      Weight load capacities:
      Barbell hooks: 272 kg (600 lbs)
      Barbell safeties: 363 kg (800 lbs)
      High and low pulleys: 363 kg (800 lbs)

      Note: Weights, Barbell not included. 

      Package Content:
      1 x Home Gym Power Rack Cage

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        Statutory conditions and warranties also apply.

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